And We Say is dedicated to recognizing sophisticated high school writing voices.  The site was founded during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and much of the work published in the first few volumes of And We Say reflects and depicts the experiences and thoughts of these writers.

Volume 1 features: Pamela Carey, Rena Shapiro, Julianna Villella, Elisa Hustedt, Ellena Lunt and Ashlin Hanley.

Volume 2 features: Aidan Garemani, Anastasia Akapnitis, Zaen Asghar, Tyler Grosso and Sabrina McEvoy. 

Volume 3 features: Sebastian Koch, Grace Buckshaw, Yenifer Gonzalez Saravia, Daniel Coppola and Caroline Schrama.

Volume 4 features: Jesse Strenger Skolnik, Olivia Kongevold, Timothy Klaum, Sydney Khan and Matthew Calandra.

If you have an engaging perspective on an interesting topic and would like to submit your non-fiction writing to be considered for publication on And We Say, please contact the editor at